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Join Stephanie Rountree for CONDITIONING!


 Conditioning consisting of strength and endurance exercises to work out the entire body. 


Steph incorporates athletic conditioning to her group classes to make it a unique and challenging fitness experience. Her training motto is that our bodies can be conditioned to do and be ANYTHING. In her free time, she has trained and completed three Chicago marathons and six half marathons. When she’s not training (which is not very often), she’s going on adventures with her pitbull pup Rose



Tuesdays at 6am


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Caullen Hudson teaches: POWER!


Full body, high intensity interval training – focus on building strength, cardio, and power.


Caullen Hudson! Caullen trains at multiple fitness studios throughout the Chicagoland area. He specializes in high-intensity interval training, anaerobic cardio/ agility training, functional muscle movements, and power/ Olympic lifting. When not leading class, he can be found writing, shooting films in the Chicago area, and working on social justice campaigns.



Wednesdays at 6am


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Get excited for Vinyasa Yoga with Allie Frane!


This class is a vinyasa-flow style class that incorporates one-breathe/one-movement sequencing with static posture holds to help students build muscle strength and increase flexibility. 


Allie’s yoga journey began over six years when she was looking for something new to add into her current training regime. All it took was 60 minutes for her to know that she wanted to do yoga regularly and eventually a practice she wanted to teach others. As an avid gym-goer and a tri-athlete, Allie found that yoga was the perfect way to help stretch, strengthen and tone her body in a way that lifting and cardio couldn’t. It also gave her more flexibility and the ability to become a more well-rounded athlete. She received her RYT-200 certification from the Chicago School of Yoga. 


Thursdays at 6:30pm


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