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We will be having 4 individual qualifiers that lead up to a championship tournament on July 20th!


Qualifiers will take place on:

Tuesday, February 20th @7pm

Tuesday, March 20th @7pm

Friday, April 20th @7pm

Tuesday, June 19th @7pm

Championship: Friday, July 27th @7pm


Here’s how it works:



-Each qualifier will consist of 16 teams

-Top 4 teams will qualify for the championship tournament

-Cost to enter in $25 per person for the qualifiers

-1st place of each qualifier will receive a Pub97 gift card!

-All games will be played on Xbox

-Teams will be drafted in the beginning of each qualifier



-16 teams will qualify

-Grand prize will be $500 cash, trophy, and Chicago’s FIFA CHAMPION bragging rights

-2nd place will be $250 cash

-Food and beverage will be served to all competitors

-Players will select their teams prior to the tournament

-More surprises to be announced!




                   Sold out!                                                     Sold out!


                      Sold out!