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Section 8: Our Hometown Support

Section 8 is pictured during a home game in July 2015


Supporters sections are a large part of the sports culture, especially soccer. They bring energy, intimidation to the opposition, and most importantly, support to the stadium. Borussia Dortmund has the ever-popular Sudtribune Terrace (standing capacity of 25,000), Manchester United has the Stretford End, and the Chicago Fire has Section 8.


Section 8 got its name and started its history at Soldier Field in 1999. They are actually a collection of supporters groups. Section 8 is the name of the seating section at Soldier Field that they moved to when they began their history. Since then, they have traveled with the Fire when they moved to Naperville briefly and now reside at Toyota Park on the Harlem End of the stadium. They even travel to away matches to support the Men in Red. You can find out more about Section 8’s history here.


Mike Magee shows his appreciation with supporters of Section 8 after a game in 2013

Mike Magee shows his appreciation with supporters of Section 8 after a game in 2013


When you’re at a game at Toyota Park, it’s impossible not to recognize Section 8. They are a visible and audible force at the stadium. Right before the start of every game, they hoist visual displays of support over their section for the stadium to see. Throughout the game, they bring an unparalleled energy to the stadium by leading it in chants. Here are the songs and chants that Section 8 performs.


Synonymous with Section 8 is another widely popular supporters group at Toyota Park called Sector Latino. Established in 2005, Sector Latino is a primarily Latino supporters group who have made section 101 their home inside Toyota Park. Their drums, waving banners, and unconditional support of the Fire is recognized by all who have been to a Fire game.


Next time you’re at a Fire game, be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for some of the best and most committed supporters sections in the MLS.

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