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FAQ & Guidelines

When does the new Team Training program begin?


The week of September 14th.


What is the format?


As a player, you can be part of 1 team per season. That team can have a maximum of 25 players. All play will happen within the team. You can play in intra-team scrimmages (for example, 8v8).


Who will organize our team scrimmage?


Our CFRS team will be there to support the running of your intra-team scrimmage. However, you are also welcome to coordinate the scrimmage on your own.


CFRS will also send out a Team Primer document with best practices for running intra-team scrimmages.


Can we play against other teams?


There will be no games against other teams. All play will happen within your team of 20.


How long is the season?


4 weeks (4 sessions of play).


How long are the “training” sessions?


60 minutes each.


Can we play multiple days of the week?


You can. However it must be on the same team. Meaning, your team must sign up for multiple sessions per week. Your team must have the same group for each training session.


What happens if we don’t have enough players for a full team?


You can sign up individually and you will be connected with a team. Or you can sign up as a group and we will help you connect with other groups to form a full team.


If you have a team, and you just need a few players, you can register the team and we’ll help you add individuals until you have a full squad.


What competition levels are there?


Skill level is within your team. If you sign up a full team it is whatever your team’s skill level is. If you sign up as an individual or group we will connect you with other players at your skill level.


What days of the week can we play?


CFRS team and individual registration is open all days (except Saturdays). 


Will my team play at the same time each week or will it be mixed up like league play?


There will be 2-3 time slots each weeknight and 5-6 each Sunday. Your team will have a mixed schedule. We will reach out when you register. At that point you can let us know if you have any time preferences (for example, early on Sundays).


Weeknights: 7:30pm / 8:50pm / 10:10pm

Sundays: 9:00am / 10:20am / 11:40am / 1:00pm / 2:20pm / 3:40pm / 5:00pm


Can we interchange players during the season?


You have a pool of 25 player spots for your team. You cannot add any players beyond that 25 during the season. Meaning, once you have 25 that is your team. There is no interchanging after the team roster is set.


If I don’t like my team can I switch?


Players can participate on 1 team per season. We cannot move players mid-season.


Can I register multiple teams?


No. Your team can sign up for multiple days but you cannot be part of different teams.


Can you provide a schedule example for a weeknight?



Team 1 Check-in

Screening / Attendance / Ingress


Team 1 Play

60 minute scrimmage


Team 1 Exit

Team moves quickly toward exit


Team 2 Check-in

Screening / Attendance / Ingress


Team 2 Play

60 minute scrimmage


What equipment should I bring to my game?


Please bring all personal equipment needed for you to play. Including, boots, socks, and two shirt colors. To promote a safe environment, CFRS will not be handing out pinnies or shin guards.


Are shin guards required?




What documents am I required to review prior to the start of the program?


All players must review and sign:

  • Updated Waiver
  • Player Code of Conduct

If you participated in the CFRS summer season you signed those documents and will not need to re-sign ahead of the fall season.


What is the check-in and check-out process for the program?


Players will check-in before each game at a CFRS table. There a staff member will screen entrants, take attendance, and give direction on where to go. Any player found to be skipping the check-in process will be removed from his/her team without remuneration.


What happens if I am late to my scrimmage?


You must still check-in at a CFRS table.


What happens if I arrive early?


You will not be allowed to enter the field of play until all players from the preceding round of games have cleared the field.


Are there bathroom facilities?


Yes, bathrooms inside CIBC Fire Pitch building will be open and will follow approved cleaning, sanitation, and social distancing guidelines.


What happens if there is inclement weather?


Play will continue during rain.


If there is heavy rain, pooling on the field, and/or lightning – play will be suspended and players will be brought into the building.


In the event of lightning, staff will take players indoors and wait 20 minutes after the last lightning strike before returning to the fields


When indoors, players will stay in their groups. Each team will be assigned a location inside the facility. Groups will be staggered, and kept at least ten feet apart, in order to maintain social distancing guidelines.


How will cancellations be communicated?


All players impacted by a cancellation will be emailed. If the cancellation occurs within an hour of the regularly scheduled kickoff, team captains will be called / texted to ensure confirmation.


What protocols will be in place to keep everyone safe?


CFRS will follow all safety protocols required by state and local health authorities, including player wellness screening and temperature taking, social distancing, and regular cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and facilities. These resources are available to help you and your family get a better understanding of what our programs will look like this summer:


CFFC Return to Play Guidelines

Program Liability Waiver

Player Code of Conduct

Onsite signage


Please email Sam at if you have any questions.


What is the process for reporting COVID-19 symptoms or exposure?


If during or within 14 days of participating in a CFRS program, you become ill with COVID-19 symptoms, have a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, you must notify the Chicago Fire Football Club immediately by contacting CFRS Senior Director, Sam Weisbrod at


What is the procedure if someone at the program has COVID-19 symptoms or has been exposed to it?


If someone at the program develops COVID-19 symptoms, they will be immediately isolated and sent home or to the hospital as appropriate. Any individuals who had close contact with that person (within less than six feet for 15 minutes or more) will be promptly notified, isolated, and also sent home.  Depending on the circumstances, the Club may also choose to notify others as a precaution, such as the individual’s small group, and encourage them to self-monitor for symptoms.  Any notifications will respect the individual’s privacy and maintain confidentiality as much as possible.


What is the procedure if someone at the program has tested positive for COVID-19?


If someone at the program tests positive for COVID-19 during or within 14 days of the program, they must immediately notify the Club and will not be permitted to return to the program for 14 days from symptom onset. CFFC personnel will promptly notify any individuals who had close contact with that person (within less than six feet for 15 minutes or more) and will not permit them to attend the program for 14 days after exposure. Depending on the circumstances, CFFC personnel may also notify others with less significant contact and encourage them to self-monitor for symptoms. Any notifications will respect individual privacy and maintain confidentiality as much as possible.


What is the cancellation policy?


A full refund will be given to any team that cancels their team registration or team deposit at least a week before their first scheduled game. No refunds will be given for a cancellation within 7 days of a team’s first scheduled game.


We will honor all refunds related to COVID-19.


Please be advised in light of the ongoing pandemic that the Chicago Fire Football Club must reserve the right to modify or cancel Programs at any time for purposes of public safety or compliance with directives from local authorities.  Should this result in any future scheduling changes or cancellations, we will of course notify all participants and parents as soon as possible and work with you on appropriate next steps, including any applicable refunds.


Who should I contact if I have additional questions?


Please email Sam at