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What is Chicago Fire Rec Soccer (CFRS)?


CFRS is the leading provider of adult recreational soccer leagues throughout the city of Chicago. We’re a team of soccer enthusiasts working around the clock to organize the best rec soccer experience we possibly can for 40+ leagues, 350+ teams, and over 4,000 players each season. Over the past 10 years we’ve grown this from pickup games in Grant Park to the largest rec soccer provider in the Midwest!


Beyond running the heck out of some rec leagues, CFRS is passionate about Chicago’s local football club! Everything CFRS or Fire Pitch-related is done to support our city’s team.


Where does CFRS play?


The majority of CFRS games are played at CIBC Fire Pitch – on the north-side, couple miles west of Wrigley. A few leagues also play at Clark Park – turf field across the street from the Fire Pitch. We also host some leagues at Wilson turf fields – by Montrose Beach in Uptown.


CIBC Fire Pitch, what’s that?


Short answer – it’s the place to play soccer in Chicago. The Fire Pitch features two full-sized fields, a bar/restaurant, and an outdoor patio all located right next to the east branch of the Chicago River. Each year, a giant dome is inflated and deflated before and after winter to keep Chicagoans playing year-round. Whether you are coming to the facility to play a game on the pitch or watch CFFC with some great food and drinks at Heineken Pub97, this is the place to be. 


Can I park there? If so, where?


There is on-site parking, adjacent to the south field. Players may also PARK HERE:

  • CIBC Fire Pitch expanded lot (3725 N Talman) – parking anytime
  • Flow Products (2626 W Addison) – north or south side of parking lot from 6pm onwards (weeknights) and all day on weekends
  • Tile Outlet (3637 N Talman) – available 5:30pm onwards on weeknights and anytime on weekends
  • For games at Clark Park (corner of Rockwell and Addison) there is street parking


What types of leagues do you offer?


CFRS offers two different styles of play – our Open and Select options. Our Open style of play is geared towards a more social/casual playing environment while our Select style of play is geared towards a more competitive/serious playing environment.


Outdoor, CFRS runs full-sided (11v11) AND small-sided (8v8) leagues Monday through Friday, and on Sundays. Indoor, the dome is partitioned – with giant nets – into smaller fields. So, the standard for indoor is small-sided (7v7 and 5v5), however there are 9v9 leagues on both Friday and Sunday nights when we pull back all the nets to create a larger field.


Can you tell me more about the specifics of Open & Select leagues?


Note: In terms of general gameplay, both leagues have the same set of rules.


  • Lower price
  • 44 minute games
  • Beginner to Intermediate level
  • No membership fees
  • Relaxed roster rules

Just want to play? Our Open leagues have streamlined rules; it’s just quality rec soccer. And you’ll still get excellent customer service from our on site staff at the best facilities in town.



  • Higher price
  • 56 minute games
  • Higher rated officials
  • Check-ins and one-team-per-league rules
  • Intermediate to Advanced level
  • No membership fees

Looking for a higher level of play? Our Select leagues provide your team with added structure to ensure competitive balance and you get additional field time.


What documents am I required to review prior to the start of play?


All players must review and sign:

  • Updated Waiver
  • Player Code of Conduct

Do I really have to wear shin guards?


Yes, player safety is of the utmost importance to CFRS.


Are CFRS referees actually certified?


All CFRS referees are indeed USSF certified. They are vetted by a Level 4 (very high quality) assignor. He’s so good he’s even worked as an Assistant Referee for an AC Milan vs Bayern Munich match at Soldier Field.


But it’s not just him; a lot of CFRS referees have college or even professional level experience. They add a sense of professionalism to your rec game!


How long is a season? How many games are in a season?


Generally, each season is two months long. CFRS offers five sessions each year: two indoor (Winter 1 and Winter 2) and three outdoor (Spring, Summer, and Fall).


All CFRS teams are guaranteed 8 games per season, minimum. The first 6 are your regular season. The last 2+ are playoff/consolation matches.


Note: Some leagues that take place at other locations (Clark Park & Wilson Turf Fields) may have a 7 game season.


How long is each game?


OPEN: 8v8 & 11v11 will have 46-minute game windows

SELECT: 8v8 and 11v11 will have 60-minute game windows


Is there somewhere my team and I can hang out after the game?


Heineken Pub97 is the spot for drinks, grub and laughs with your squad. Mere steps away from your game there is a tasty menu and a wide variety of beverages including quality brews on draft! It’s WAY more than your standard pub fare. We’ve got flatbread pizzas, tacos with all the meats, burgers, English breakfast, and much more.


Every wall is plastered with the highest def flatscreens. MLS? Check. English Premier League? Check. NFL? Check. NBA? Check. NHL? Check. Most any sport? Check. The game you want to watch is already on when you walk in. If not, wave down the friendliest bar staff in the North Center.


How to use our league software (Dash)?


CFRS uses an online league management tool named Dash (create an account). It’s one powerful system. For example, teams can be replicated and exported from one season to the next. Dash also handles scheduling, standings, individual payments, memberships, RSVP’s, tournaments, intra-team messaging, and even shows you what color shirt your opponents are going to wear.




What is the check-in and check-out process like?


Players will check in before each game at a CFRS table. There a staff member will screen entrants, take attendance, and give direction on where to go.

All players are required to wear a mask as they approach the building and their designated check-in location (North or South field).  Each player will be asked COVID-19 related screening questions and have their temperature checked.


What protocols will be in place to keep everyone safe?


CFRS will follow all safety protocols required by state and local health authorities, including player wellness screening and temperature taking, social distancing, and regular cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and facilities. 

All players will be required to wear masks when not on the field of play.  This includes on the sidelines and around the facility.  Players will be encouraged to wear masks during play.

Once games are over, players will be required to remain masked and exit the field as directed by CFRS staff.



What is the process for reporting COVID-19 symptoms or exposure?


If during or within 14 days of participating in a CFRS program, you become ill with COVID-19 symptoms, have a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, you must notify the Chicago Fire Football Club immediately by contacting either Chris Hoffman ( or Dan Dragicevich (


What is the procedure if someone at CIBC Fire Pitch has COVID-19 symptoms or has been exposed to it?


If someone at the program develops COVID-19 symptoms, they will be immediately isolated and sent home or to the hospital as appropriate. Any individuals who had close contact with that person (within less than six feet for 15 minutes or more) will be promptly notified, isolated, and also sent home. Depending on the circumstances, the Club may also choose to notify others as a precaution, such as the individual’s small group, and encourage them to self-monitor for symptoms.  Any notifications will respect the individual’s privacy and maintain confidentiality as much as possible.


What is the procedure if someone at CIBC Fire Pitch has tested positive for COVID-19?


If someone tests positive for COVID-19 during or within 14 days of the program, they must immediately notify the Club and will not be permitted to return to the CIBC Fire Pitch for 14 days from symptom onset. CFFC personnel will promptly notify any individuals who had close contact with that person (within less than six feet for 15 minutes or more) and will not permit them to attend the program for 14 days after exposure. Depending on the circumstances, CFFC personnel may also notify others with less significant contact and encourage them to self-monitor for symptoms. Any notifications will respect individual privacy and maintain confidentiality as much as possible.


Compliance with City guidelines


Please be advised in light of the ongoing pandemic that the Chicago Fire Football Club must reserve the right to modify or cancel Programs at any time for purposes of public safety or compliance with directives from local authorities.  Should this result in any future scheduling changes or cancellations, we will of course notify all participants and parents as soon as possible and work with you on appropriate next steps, including any applicable refunds.



I have some more questions, who should I reach out to?


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the CFRS team: