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CIBC Fire Pitch has a brand-new field for all of you to enjoy, and we are over the moon with the final product! We recently partnered with AstroTurf, the leader of innovation in the synthetic turf industry, to give our Fire family a top-of-the-line playing surface that will give every player the best opportunity to take their game to the next level.


Our new AstroTurf pitch features the Root Zone 3D Series, which is their most popular product line. The 3D Series adds a RootZone® to basic infilled turf systems. The RootZone, a texturized layer of fibers that draw down to encapsulate infill, results in minimal rubber splash, better shock absorbency, and less infill migration than basic systems. The RootZone improves safety, playability, and durability, making 3D systems the top choice for athletes and field owners alike. Importantly, independently funded research by Michigan State University has shown the RootZone to reduce torque transmitted to lower extremities.


We look forward to seeing you play the game you love, at the facility you love, for years to come. Check out some shots (below) of how this came to life.







We are excited to announce that CIBC Fire Pitch has teamed up with Let’s Pave to add 80+ new parking spaces for our customers! The expanded lot is directly next to our fields which will make your experience as convenient as can be.


All of our pre-existing parking spaces are still available. Below will show you the added availability you will now also have when you make your visit.