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Chicago Fire Rec Soccer (CFRS) is the largest provider of adult rec soccer in the Midwest! Each season we organize 40+ leagues for more than 350 teams! We offer full-sided and small-sided leagues for everyone (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Beyond leagues, we also offer pickups, tournaments, and soccer skills classes. Simply put, if it’s happening in Chicago soccer it’s happening at CFRS.


Below, we have outlined every CFRS rule/policy we could think of. If you’d like further clarification on anything please don’t hesitate to reach out – click that need help button or get an email thread going with Chris:



FORFEITS –  If your team needs to forfeit you must do so by 3pm the day before your game. If you forfeit after the 3pm cutoff your team will incur a $100 fine. That fine is paid out to the team you were scheduled to play against (as a refund, credit, or Pub97 gift card). The fine must be paid within 48 hours of your scheduled game or your team will be removed from the league. This system is in place to ensure that each team gets all of their games. If a team must forfeit we will do our best to build out a team for you to play against (hence the 3pm cutoff). If you are on a team that is struggling to find enough players just reach out and we’ll help find you subs. If your team shows up to your game with low numbers and needs to forfeit on site there will not be a fine.

RAIN OUTS –  It probably goes without saying but everyday we check the weather. If there is the slightest chance of rain/lightning we monitor the heck out of it. If the forecast is bad enough we will cancel the entire night/day. However, the more normal course of action is to monitor any incoming storms and cancel/delay as needed. We will play through rain but not lightning. If we need to cancel or delay we will send out a mass email to everyone that is affected and call/text our team captains. Players must be on a Dash roster to get that cancelation email. CFRS will work with our team captains to organize makeup games. If a game is canceled during the first half of play the remainder of the game will be made up. If the game is canceled at halftime or later the result is final. 

AMUSEMENT TAX –  A 9% Chicago amusement tax is added to all league payments. For example: if you need to make a $100 team payment the total cost would be $109. The $100 would go to CFRS and the remainder to the city.

SEASON FORMAT –  The standard CFRS league will run a 6 game (6 week) regular season followed by two weeks of playoff/consolation matches. Each team will have 8 games. Generally, the top 4 teams in your league will qualify for the playoffs (semifinals – week 7 / finals – week 8). All other teams will have friendlies during weeks 7 and 8.


TIE BREAKERS –  CFRS uses the following tie breaker system for all leagues and tournaments: POINTS > GOAL DIFFERENTIAL > HEAD TO HEAD > TOTAL GOALS SCORED > COIN FLIP > HIGHEST (AVG) SAT TEAM SCORE. Win = 3 points / Tie = 1 point / Loss = 0.


REFUNDS –  We give a full refund when the ask is > 2 weeks out from the start of play. Within two weeks we either offer a credit toward a future CFRS league or keep the money (if we are within one week of the league’s start date). Throughout the lead up to a new season we are 100% happy to help teams find additional players if they are short. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need individuals.

INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION –  We offer individual sign ups for all CFRS leagues. When an individual registers we work to place them on an established team. The amount they pay comes out of the established team’s balance. We do not ask individuals to pay beyond what they paid to sign up for the league.

ONE TEAM PER LEAGUE –  You can play on (only) one team per league. If you play on a second team, in the same league, it is an automatic forfeit for that second team. This rule is in effect for all regular season and playoff games. You can play in multiple leagues just not on multiple teams within the same league. We offer 40+ leagues per season.

CHECK IN SYSTEM –  In order to participate in a playoff game you must play at least once during the regular season. To enforce this rule every player must “check in” once during the regular season. A check in occurs in two ways: making a payment toward your team’s balance OR by walking up to a staff member and stating that you want to check in. We have a digital attendance sheet used to track check ins for every roster. At the time of playoffs we print off those sheets to make sure everyone participating has played at least once during the regular season.

RED CARD FINES –  We take player safety very seriously. Any red card involving violent conduct ($50) or verbal abuse ($25) comes with a fine. Fines are given in addition to suspension from league play. All monies collected from red card fines are given directly to the award winning P.L.A.Y.S. Program – committed to enhancing the academic performance and development of key social and emotional (SEL) skills of elementary school students through a sports based curriculum.





  • No offsides
  • Substitute on the fly
  • All free kicks are direct
    • You can score from a kick in, goal kick, corner, etc…
  • Five yards given on free kicks and kick ins
  • If an indirect foul occurs in the box, direct kick given at top of the box
  • Slide tackling is not permitted (Coed and Men’s)
    • Physically sliding when an opponent is not around is permitted. For example, to save a ball from going out of bounds
    • The slide tackle call is completely at the discretion of the referee
  • Penalty kicks taken from marked spot
    • Run-up is allowed
  • Goalies can punt and drop-kick
  • Goalies can slide in the box leading with their feet or hands permitted they are attempting to play the ball – at the discretion of the referee
  • Team must have at least 5 players on the field for 8v8 game to start
    • If, after 5 minutes, the team does not have the minimum number of players on the field the game is considered a forfeit
    • Forfeits are scored 3-0
  • Specific to Coed
    • Maximum of 6 male players on field for 8v8
      • Most teams play 6M / 2F
    • Must have both female and male player on the field to start a Coed game
    • If a male player receives a red card the team must play down a male for the remainder of the match – maximum of 4 males on the field


  • Standard FIFA eleven-a-side rules
  • Minimum of 7 players needed to start an 11v11 game
  • Slide tackling allowed in Men’s 11v11, not allowed in Coed


  • Standard red and yellow card system (no blue cards)
    • Two yellows or straight red means removal of player for remainder of the game
    • Team must play down a player
  • Goalie receiving red card must leave game
  • Red card offences will be assessed by the CFRS team to determine suspension
    • CFRS has right to suspend for further games, up to a lifetime ban
    • CFRS tracks all red cards and suspensions
    • Repeat red card offenders can expect longer suspensions
  • Verbal abuse directed at a referee or opponent is not tolerated. In short, expect to be suspended for cursing at an official
  • After a red card is issued:
    • CFRS Coordinator gets perspective from referee, player(s) involved, captains, and staff members
    • That info is compiled into a report and assessed the next day by CFRS Director
    • Email is sent out to player and her/his captain with info about their suspension
  • If you are new to CFRS leagues please note that we take red cards very seriously. Our aim is always to cultivate a safe and friendly atmosphere free of violent conduct and verbal abuse


  • Shin guards are mandatory in all CFRS leagues
  • Players are not permitted to play with:
    • Glasses (sports goggles are permitted)
    • Watches, including fitbits
    • Jewelry
    • Cleats with metal studs
    • Hard casts
    • Ballcaps
    • Any other equipment or item(s) deemed as dangerous by the referee
  • Must wear: shirt, shorts/athletic pants, shoes
  • Goalies must wear a distinguishing color from players and refs
  • Teams must wear CFRS shirts or established team uniform
  • If pinnies are needed for entire team, priority given to team in CFRS shirts
  • Avoid pinnies and lost playing time by bringing an alternate colored shirt to every game




Dan Dragicevich:

  • Leagues (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
  • Pickups and Referees

Maria Narcisi:

  • Leagues (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)